1. How was the plane ride?

M-  It was a little weird because on some planes you mostly get your ears clogged, but on this one I didn’t. I didn’t really want to watch the movies on my Kindle and so I watched the shows on the airplane TV. My favorite food they gave me was the blueberry muffin. I really liked it. My plane ride was great and I really liked it. If you go to Australia, I think you will like it too.

L- I didn’t use any screens except for the TV on the back of the seat,  so it was kind of good. I was scared we were going to crash or lose oxygen.

2. Tell me about your new house

M- My bed has triangles on the blanket. The freezer is weird because there are 3 layers in it. We can’t see the Celtics play in Australia. We don’t live near mountains. We don’t have an upstairs. Someone lives downstairs. We don’t have stairs inside our house. The people who lives downstairs have a backyard but we don’t.

L- It is small. The beds are big. There are a lot of paintings. I don’t know where the silverware, cups or bowls are. There is only one bathroom and it has a toilet with 2 buttons. If you poop and pee, you press the poop button and if you just pee you press the pee button. If you just poop you press the poop button. It is very fancy…the vents and ceiling.

3. What does Australia look like?

M- Australia doesn’t look like I imagined. I thought it would look like the desert, but it’s better than I imagined. And it’s hotter than I imagined.

L-  Australia looks like a big island down under.

4. What is one new food have you eaten?

L- Lamb kabobs

M- Rice Bubble cereal and Kinder Eggs

5. Tell me one fun thing you have done?

M- Ballet class is fun.

L- I went to my friend Noah’s house and played MineCraft and went swimming.

6. Have you met any kids from Australia?

M- I met 2 people, April and Evelyn. I had a playdate with April. Evelyn is also my middle name.

L- I met Harris. We built a sandcastle together.

7. Have you learned any new words or phrases?

M- Some people call me Mate and some people call me Mae, but I can’t tell the difference because they sound the same.

L- Serviette means napkin. Tip means tag. Lemonade means Sprite. Chips mean french fries. They call ketchup tomato sauce.

8. What do you miss back home in Denver?

M- I miss Lucy, our zoo, and fried dough.

L- I miss my salamander, Sammy Lou. I miss our very soft blanket.

9. What are some difference between America and Australia?

M- Gelato is yummier in Australia. I can see the ocean from my house in Australia and it’s very, very pretty.

L- Australia is hotter. We drive on a different side of the road and a different side of the car.

10. What do you like/dislike about homeschooling?

M- I really like what we are doing right now (this interview) and I really like specials and I really like break time and mommy as my teacher. I like that I can go to ballet to keep me entertained.

L- I like specials, break time and IXL and read aloud. I dislike what we are doing right now (this interview.)