By: Elle Marshall

Coming from Denver, to California, to Australia has been a long, and frankly quite difficult experience. By January going to Australia was all we talked about. I knew I was going to miss my school and my friends very much. My friends threw me a going away party at town center the day before we left for California. And that was it. We were off to California. The plane ride there was nothing because we knew we’d have a 14 hour plane ride in only a week’s time. We got to California and it was beautiful. It was the time of year where all of the plants were very very green and gorgeous. I loved staying in Anaheim and I loved that we could see palm trees everywhere. Disneyland was magical of course. It’s the happiest place on earth! Last time my favorite ride was The Peter Pan ride and I hated all roller coasters but the goofy ride. But this time was a little different. We were eating breakfast in Disneyland. We hadn’t gone on any rides yet, and next to where we were eating we saw a roller coaster that from someone who is scared to death of roller coasters looked FAST. My mom told me I’d love that ride and I told her no way! As I looked closer everyone was having fun and my mom talked about it more and she was like just do it! So I thought yeah sure. But as I got in line I wasn’t so sure. But I’m in line and there is a bunch of little kids there too so I knew there was no turning back. No matter how much I wanted too. I got in the roller coaster and immediately wanted to get out. But it started and I started screaming. It was over fast but I loved it. I felt exhilarated and wanted more. After more rides we found The Matterhorn. It’s fast, up a mountain and dark. I learned that Big Thunder Mountain was exhilarating. But The Matterhorn was a little too much for my first day of roller coasters. I knew it couldn’t last forever and soon we were driving to the airport on our way to Australia. We waited for hours there. But soon enough our plane was boarding and I found myself very upset. But I got over my homesickness and got kind of excited. The inside of the plane was beautiful. We each had a T.V, a pillow, a blanket, eye masks, and more. It was the biggest plane I’d ever seen. I sat down and soon we were off. I knew I’d be long and annoying. But it turned out to be fun! I became obsessed with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on that plane ride because it was on the T.V. The food in the other hand wasn’t great. But I loved the brownies and the chicken nuggets were okay. When we finally landed and I got off the plane. I found myself to be hot and sticky. I was very confused. I knew it’d be hot but I didn’t know I’d be STICKY. It was from something I’m not used to….humidity. I did not want to live like that. But after a while I got used to the humidity. After waiting in long lines. We got outside. It was beautiful but hot. And then it began to rain. Very light rain. It wasn’t cold or anything which I found awesome. We don’t get much rain in Denver and when we do it’s at least COLD when you go outside. But it was so light and it was so humid that day that it wasn’t cold. The minute I stepped in the taxi I was in awe. The steering wheel was on the other side and I found interest in just watching the man drive. We got to our house and I loved it. It was beautiful but we couldn’t go inside we had to wait for them to be done cleaning it. We went to see the beach and get some lunch. Since then I’ve been noticing differences in the way people talk and use different words which we’ve been trying to use as well. For example, my brother refuses to say french fries he officially says chips. That was my adventure here! It was long and hard but we made it. And I guess that’s the most important part. That’s what we did it all for right?