Our bags are unpacked and this is our new life. Our new normal. Somedays I literally think to myself….What are we doing here? Not in a bad way…Just contemplating our goals and mission and purpose. Just as there was no guidebook or manual that helped us move here. We figured it out. And now what? We are here. What do we DO? What does one do while on a 6 month sabbatical in another country. Of course I’ve thought about this for the last year and did some preliminary googling, but it’s another example of us just figuring it all out as we go. 

We have some days that  I think we did it right (nailed it) and other days I wish I could do over (oops.) That’s real life wherever you are. I do feel some pressure to provide the kids an amazing and enriching experience. Then I remember that we’ve already accomplished that by moving here. The rest will be icing on the cake. And thanks to text pep talks from my friends at home…I’ve realized there is no rush. We’ve been here a couple of weeks. It’s okay to take it easy and not stuff adventure down my kids throats. And then I realize that 6 months will fly by so I want to take advantage of every opportunity we have while we are here. As you can see…I flip flop back and forth on this issue. We are not on holiday (as Mae says.) We are LIVING here, so we can’t go on museum tours and eat gelato every single day. 

So we are working it out. We’ve tried a few different homeschooling schedules to see what works best. We are making connections with other homeschool families so the kids can have social interaction and learn about life here in Australia. Mae and Elle are signed up for weekend classes which makes them both so happy. We’ve enjoyed ocean swims with Wes when he returns home from work…something we definitely can’t do in Denver. 

I am desperately trying to feed everyone with a new and small grocery store, new brands of food and a small kitchen. I’m reading a bunch now that I don’t have my TV shows. Wes got a bike and is learning his way around. We are doing very well with public transport.

 Oh, and Wes and I had our first date today. We went out for a delicious breakfast (brekkie!)   PS. The coffee here is so, so, so good. The only problem is you get very small portions and no refills. The large is more like a US small. But it’s soooooo good. So good.                                                     

One day at a time…

*Anything you want to know? We have a running list of future blog post ideas. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to hear more about. Thanks for reading 😀😀😀