Australia Adventure 2.0; Gypsy Living

Hard to believe we are nearing the end of our time as Sydneysiders. 4 months flew by and now we have 2 months of travel ahead of us. It’s time. We have come to a place where it’s time stop this temporary​ living.  It feels like we need to either settle in here and make a real life in Sydney or move on. We are moving on. Wes and I talk hypothetically about living here. It would be so nice. We chat about where we would want to live and what life would be like. Wes could likely get a job here if we were interested and the salaries sound amazing. But we’ve definitely learned  that Sydney is a very, very expensive city. Too expensive. Additionally, we have too many close friends and family members the USA. Travel between the countries is just too expensive. And too far. So we are definitely coming back to the USA…to Denver…to our home. We leave our house in Coogee on June 1st. We begin our journey with 2 road trips. First to the Blue Mountians and the second to Canberra, Australia’s capital city. We look forward to a nice mix of nature, relaxation and history on these 2 trips. My birthday falls on the day we drive from the Blue Mts to Canberra. Not a super fun way to celebrate. Car rides with my darlings isn’t my favorite activity, so I may be celebrating my US birthday on the next day. Besides, I can’t have a different birthdays than Michael Buckley. That would be so weird. I don’t really care about my birthday. We have bigger things going on anyway. 

After Canberra, we fly up to Cairns. We have split our time there into 2 places…Cairns and Port Douglas. So much to do up there. Great Barrier Reef and rainforests. It will be more tropical and a whole new world. That trip is about 8 days total between the 2 places. Next, we fly down to Brisbane and will drive to Byron Bay to spend about 5 days. Luke’s 10th birthday falls during this part of our trip. We are excited to check out the Byron Bay area. 

  Then, we drive up to Noosa where we will stay for 8 nights. We will explore the Sunshine Coast. There is so much to see along this part of the coast and I’m glad we are staying so long to allow for some day trips and such. 

After Noosa, we drive to Brisbane. Wes has a conference in the city, so for 5 days he will be doing that and the kids and I will explore. 

Next, we fly back to Sydney for a few nights before we head to America. 

We will go straight to New England for our usual Cape Cod/Connecticut visits with friends and family. We will need some time to adjust back to life in US/time change, etc…This trip won’t be as long as it usually is. Getting to Boston from Sydney is not easy, but we can’t skip a summer on the east coast and our house in Denver is leased through July anyway. 

FINALLY….we head back to Denver at the end of July. Wes will go ahead of us to pick up a “new” car we are purchasing. Phew. 

We are staying at a mix of hotels/apartments/Airbnbs. Mostly Airbnb houses. Having a kitchen and laundry are important.  It will save us money on eating out, and with a washing machine, we don’t have to pack as much. For a family who doesn’t even usually take vacations….this is insane. We’ve really only gone to Disneyland, Breckenridge and back east to see family. 8 weeks traveling seems crazytown. However, after moving to another country, we aren’t the same family.

It’s those changes in latitudes,
Changes in attitudes nothing remains quite the same.
With all of our running and all of our cunning,
If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane. -JB