A little while ago I went surfing for the first time ever. The first thing we did when we got there was fill out paperwork and then we got on our wetsuits. We grabbed our huge, heavy surfboards and sat on the grass. We got to know each other a little bit because it was a small group. It was my mom and I, and 2 German women. Then we took our surfboards and carried them down to the sand and sat down. The instructor taught us how to stand on our surfboards and do the basic surfing rules. Then we learned some cool facts that’ll help us surf. Like how to find rips and what to do if you get stuck in one. Then we took our surfboards and went into the ocean. We jumped into it really quickly too. 

     What I loved when we first got in was the wetsuits. A warm layer of water goes between you and the wetsuit. That water stays warm and feels great. It makes it so much easier to get in cold water. We got further into the water and turned around towards the land. Then one at a time the instructor held onto the back of our surfboards and at the perfect wave, pushed. I was the first to go and didn’t really get that we were supposed to stand right then and sort of just layed there.

      Soon enough I got the hang of it. The wave came and the instructor let go. I pushed myself up quickly so I didn’t get to the sand before I could stand up. I pushed myself into a brief downward dog position and found myself standing, cruising the ocean. The wind was in my face and it was exhilarating. Even if most of the time at the end I fell off and had to lug my surfboard around, it was amazing. And sometimes I didn’t fall. I just rode until I decided to jump off or when the surfboard hit the sand. 

     I loved it and I would and will do it again. I was tired and wet by the end, but it was a lot of fun and totally worth it. I highly recommend surfing. You get to forget about the world and fall into the ocean with no doubts. Well, that’s my surfing experience thanks for reading!