Marshall Kids Answer YOUR Burning Questions About Their Australian Adventure


Thank for you questions via Facebook. The Marshall Kids have answered some of them.

They have also made a video to answer 3 of the questions (and they edited it, too).

Here is the link:


.Kate Peabody- LeGault Anna wants to know if you can have a pet Koala null:

All 3: No!

Shana Paladino-Ripp Arabella wants to know what their favorite new Australian food is


Michael Buckley What do they miss most about Denver?

M: Beanbag

L: Friends

E: Friends and School

How do they think they have changed since they got there?

L: Braver in the Waves- tI used to not want to go under in salt water. I practiced in the ocean pool and got better.

E: More Perseverance- Change is hard. Having to adapt to a different place.

M: Braver in the Waves- I used to run away and now I jump in.

Megan Mccomish-Jermain Can you have a pet kangaroo?

3: No!

Chelsey Richey What is your favorite candy or treat in AU? What is different about the candy there, or the flavors?

E: Tim Tams

L: Gelato

M: Kinder Eggs

E: Kinder Eggs are illegal in USA.

M: They call sprinkles 100s & 1000s

E: There is a lot of chocolate around and not as much variety of kinds of candy.

Adrienne Brockmyre Buckley Does it feel weird to have it be summer when we are cold and dreary here?

M: Yeah

L: We are missing Spring

E: I think it’s weird. I miss the cold and wearing fall and winter clothes.

Maura Ahern Buser Elle Luke and Mae. Hi crew! Tell me about understanding the accent and different words. Is it difficult? 

L: Depends who you are talking to.

M: I watch Peppa Pig so I understand everyone.

E: Sometimes difficulty, but you can kinda figure out what they mean.

Tell me your new favorite words?!

E: I like the phrase…”How ya going?”

Have you found anything new and so different that you will miss it when you are home?! xxoonull❤Maura

L: My friend, Noah

E: Ferry and Homeschooling Group on Fridays

M: Homeschooling

Stacy Hirschorn Boothroyd Compare American and Australian beaches. Which do you like best and why?

E: I like the waves here better.

L: The water is cleaner. Less seashells.

M: Less seaweed

3: Australian beaches are better

Kristen Rushworth Shanahan I would like to know how common boomerangs are- if you go to a playground do you see kids playing with them? Any group boomerang sports?


Mary Mannix Simonelli Sean says he believes that Australia has the most poisonous animals of anywhere and wonders how it feels to be living amongst all those poisonous creatures? null😂

M: We don’t see much poisonous animals.

E: I have heard they are around. But we haven’t encountered any (that I know of.) It does worry me.

L: I’ve read that the poisonous animals haven’t killed that many people.

He also wonders if it was super weird to move somewhere living in an opposite season?

M: I don’t really notice, but I miss winter.

E: Christmas would be weird without snow.

L: Everything is opposite. It feels weird.

Casey Metz What’s the coolest thing you have seen so far?

M: Little lizards walking around

E: Ferry and Opera House

L: Harbour Bridge

Kate Johnson Dee Henry and Connor want to know how many venomous animals you’ve seen so far? Are you developing an accent? What’s the weirdest food you’ve tried?

3: No venomous animals (YET)

3: No weird food…we aren’t very adventurous with food

Erika Banwarth Cedrone Naomi: what animals do you have in Australia?

M: Dingo, Wallaby, Koalas, Red Kangaroos

Brie: what do you do for Easter in Australia?

M and E: I hear Americans get more in their baskets. We will probably do what we do at home. It’s a 4 day weekend here.

Jessica Boothroyd Weiner Have you made Australian friends? Will you be penpals (or social media followers) when you return home?

3: Yes and we hope to keep in touch

Is your mom a good teacher? Do you like your classmates?

3: Yes and Yes, but we miss our Denver classmates very much

Hope Milligan Reinhard What is the the major difference if any between American kids and Australian kids? Do you share the same music, books, and television shows?

L: I play same video games. Not sure about TV. Kids here like Pokemon and MineCraft. Some same books like Series of Unfortunate Events and DIary of A Wimpy Kid.

E: Haven’t noticed much differences. We have some similar games, but we have different names for them.

M: People here like Peppa Pig and Frozen like back home.

Ginger Stabach What has been the most unexpected surprise with living in Australia so far?

M: I thought it would be sandy and beachy everywhere

E: It’s not totally different. When I wake up I don’t look and think, “THERE is Australia”. It’s just a different city. Nothing major makes you realize you are in Australia. Being in another isn’t as shocking as I expected.

L: More beaches than I expected

Alicia FaJohn Sophia asks: is it fascinating to a an American to Australians?

Fianna asks: Does anyone think your accent is weird?


Renee Fittler What’s your favourite mode of transportation? (Body board is a legitimate answer!)

E: Ferry! Anything but the bus.

L. Car

M: Ferry