One month. 29 days. 35 days.

Those are our countdowns. So close. We leave in about a month. In 29 days, we leave Denver and fly to LA where we will have a little vacay. So it’s 35 days until our actual flight to Australia (direct from LA)…but we lose a day in our travels so we actually land in Australia 2 days after that. Therefore our countdowns get very confusing. Hurts my brain. I get asked daily, ” When do you leave for Australia?” and I’m quite sure I give a different answer every time I’m asked. Even I think it sounds a bit suspicious as it comes out of my mouth…I wonder, “Does she even know when they are going?? Are they actually going?”

Instead of packing the house,  I spent the day brainstorming the name of this blog. For the record, Mae came up with “Diary of the Wimpy Marshalls.”  Luke changed the wimpy to traveling. DONE.

We are starting a blog for a few reasons.

1. To have a memory/record of the trip

2. Writing assignments for home schooling

3. A way for friends and family to come along for the ride

So here goes nothing. Here goes everything. Here we go to Australia…